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Chocolate is our World!


Our brands

The favourite treat of children and the biggest fairytale gourmet.
Terravita meets the expectations of children and offers them the unique brand Terravita Kids. The nice ambassador, patron and hero of this brand is well-known dog Scooby-Doo.
The full of energy in one cube
Everyone can move mountains. Good intention, self-confidence and positive energy are sufficient! Where to find such energy? There are a lot of sources – the world around us, friendly people, nature, bit of luck and self-confidence.
Excellent choice for anyone
Excellent quality at an affordable price. This is an excellent, cost-effective option for everyone who looks for easy, proven solutions and good tastes at your fingertips.
The legend hidden in one cube
The legend of Aztec gods says that a feathered snake came down from heaven to tell people the wisdom. He handed them with the wisdom a wonderful gift – the cocoa tree.
Royal taste
Praline is a queen of the chocolate products. It has a rich tradition, fascinating history and the most important – delicious taste. The pralines were originated in France, but also in Poland they are favourite and exclusive goodies.