Choco Sticks

A Sweet Dose of Energy

An ideal snack to nibble on during your work or study break. Whatever the circumstances, Choco Sticks will boost you with energy in a delicious, convenient form. Perfect for sharing with others. A great little pleasure for all those living on the go.

Your Daily Chocolate Top-up 

Choco Sticks prove that chocolate doesn’t always have to be the same old boring snack. Experience various flavours with each of the four modern-looking, convenient bars. They will fit perfectly in your backpack, handbag, or even your pocket. Now, you can enjoy a chocolate snack whenever you want.


Choco Sticks stand for top quality. The four bars are based on two excellent types of chocolate:


1. Dark chocolate mass (with as much as 70% cocoa):

  • dark Choco Stick
  • dark Choco Stick with mint filling

2. Milk chocolate mass (with 35% cocoa and 25% milk):

  • milky Choco Stick
  • milky Choco Stick with raspberry-yogurt filling